more work on cor64

Well I've been working more on my 64-bit x86-64 operating system. It has multitasking, ring0 and ring3 tasks. Some basic syscalls are implemented, as is a basic virtual memory manager. smfs is the supported filesystem (my own format). cor64 can load elf64 formatted object files. Video is supported (currently only for bga), as is basic ps2 keyboard / mouse functions. Timers are implemented, as is a messaging system used to send messages between ring0 and / or ring3 tasks. My window manager (cognac) runs as a ring3 task and provides basic drawing / windowing functionality. So far, I have 2 loadable video tasks, r3shell (just a basic shell) and task_info (which periodically updates a list of active tasks). Most debugging output is through the serial port. Every ring3 task has an allocator which keeps track of all allocations of that task. This OS is written in c++ (basic c++, no inheritance, no virtual functions, no polymorphism, no exception functionality).
Here is a url of the os running in video mode