more work on cor64

Well I've been working more on my 64-bit x86-64 operating system. It has multitasking, ring0 and ring3 tasks. Some basic syscalls are implemented, as is a basic virtual memory manager. smfs is the supported filesystem (my own format). cor64 can load elf64 formatted object files. Video is supported (currently only for bga), as is basic ps2 keyboard / mouse functions. Timers are implemented, as is a messaging system used to send messages between ring0 and / or ring3 tasks. My window manager (cognac) runs as a ring3 task and provides basic drawing / windowing functionality.

made a little app to show open vim windows

I was getting tired of looking through 16 window titles to find the window a vim session was editing, so I've made a little app to collect window title data, parse it, and display all open vim window titles in a single window. It allows me to click the window name, which will blink the window really quick so I can find it easily. It also highlights duplicate entries.
Not much to it. Heres an image:

sm edit

I've made a basic grid image editing tool suitable for drawing icons for toolbars, buttons, whatever other little images may be needed. Its very basic; color selection,
load / save to .png format, a re-sizable grid (for now, up to 64x64). It can draw lines, filled boxes, or outlined boxes.
The innards use my smg2 gui toolkit, and my sml2 standard library. The only thing I didnt write myself is the .png loader / saver. Not much to it, but it allows me to whip up a simple image on-demand.

sandmines back up

Well after a (long) while, I've gotten myself a new 8-core xeon server and am running openbsd on it. Its my server machine, although there are some issues with drupal 8 (clean url's dont work), so i've reverted to using drupal 7.
Not expecting too much activity on this site, so my broadband connection will probably be enough to serve my website.
In the near future, I will expand the site, adding a forum for my softwares, and some sort of bug tracking software.

Welcome to sandmines.

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